BPT Stories

We Love to Hear From Our Patients!

We want to hear from you. Please tell us in the form below about your appointment at Balanced Physical Therapy. Who made it a “wow” experience? How has BPT helped you in your healing process or therapy goals? What cool tip did you learn?

Please let us know in your comment if we have permission to share your comments and story.

Therapy Session - Balanced PT Vancouver, WA


Hear What Others Have Said:

“I came to Balanced Physical Therapy for help with my pelvic floor and diastasis recti. Injuries are frustrating. but working with the therapists was not. They were very clear about what I needed to do to heal. They gave me clear and detailed instructions on exercises I had to do to strengthen myself, and movements I had to avoid in order to allow my injuries to heal. Those small simple exercises done faithfully made all the difference. This is an incredible group of people. I am incredibly grateful for their time and knowledgeable guidance.” – G.G.

“My daughter had some heel pain from running on her high school track team, and Debbie met us after hours to check on her! She was able to follow up with us the next day and gave a complete and thorough evaluation. I love how Debbie was concerned with my daughters whole body health and how it can help heal her injury. Debbie has gone above and beyond and we look forward to continuing to work with her at balanced physical therapy. A+!” – Amy Draper

“These guys are the greatest! My husband started there with some shoulder problems, and now I go there to work through some sports injuries. Derek has been awesome to work with!” – Aubrey Albalos

IMG_3421 (2)
“Thank you so much for all you did for me with teaching me how to walk correctly!!  I made it, I summited Mt. St. Helens yesterday, and all you did played a major role in making that happen, so thank you!!!!” – Anita Ashlock

“I am no longer bedridden because of Jodi and Cindy. My life is so much better because of Balanced PT. They are very knowledgeable, up-to-date on all the latest treatments, compassionate, and experts on dealing with long-term complicated cases.” – Elizabeth Kullberg

“Debbie is amazing at everything she does. Staff is super friendly and always helpful. This is one of the best referrals my doctors could have given me!  #roadtorecovery #debbieisawesome” – Andrea Lawson


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